May 22, 2019
awesome5 (All reviews)
Kino. Pure, undiluted, unsatured, unconfined kinomatographique. Shingeki no Kyojin, or Shingeki no Kino as I like to call it, is what comes up when you combine kino art, with kino story, with kino music. This anime feels like it's been the work of Spielberg, Eastwood, Nolan and Tarantino combined.

Story 10/10
As I've already caught up with chapter 117, I'm not gonna spoil this a lot. This season is about Erwin, Eren and Armin, really. Erwin coming to terms with his fate, Eren pushing forward, and Armin, well, you'll see. Eren continues his eternal quest for freedom and revenge, through ending his enemies, titan or human. You can not stop this testosterone fueled beast, this Titan of Freedom. He can not be stopped even if you'd like to stop him. That man sees one goal and one goal only, freedom, and no one is about to stop his from achieving it. A bit closer to freedom by every minute, chapter and episode.

Art 10/10
WiT Studio gathered the best of the industry and told them "I want kino on screens. Nothing but pure kino, perfect lines and perfect colors. I want to fear for my life when I watch Shingeki no Kino."
And they delivered.

Sound 10/10
Hiroyuki "The Sound of Kino" Sawano is the man behind the greatness of this show, alongside Kaji and Isayama. YouSeeBigGirl, Call of Silence, and so many others elevate amazing moments to new heights. Linked Horizon is doing openings again. While the opinion is split on the newest opening, I have a firm one. Only an individual who read the manga, boasting an IQ of 130 and above can understand it's greatness. From the subtle hints of Marley, to the Shingashina Return spoilers, to the bits from every single opening depicting revenge, wings of freedom and fight, it's absolutely amazing. Voice Actors wise, we have Eren's VA, Kaji at the helm, which is so good, the writer of the manga based the character on him.

Character 10/10
My favorite part. It's just believable. Kid lost a mother, friends and everything else because of titans. What's he gonna do? Make friends and use power of friendship? Understand the other side and create peace? Nope. The only solution is pure, 100% genocide. No kiddy shit, there is only one real choice. We watch this cast through perils, and rarely, happy moments. No cringy stuff like romance, so if you're looking for that, stick with whatever seasonal trash is airing currently.

Enjoyment 10/10
It's hype. Pure hype. Unexpected, amazing, twists make sense. I don't want to spoil stuff, but man, you REALLY should be looking forward to the end of this arc, because this 10/10 anime turns into an 11/10 anime by the end. I for one welcome our new free overlord.

Overall kino/kino

Nothing else to say. It's the peak of the medium and nothing else in the history of story writing every came close to it.