May 22, 2019
jazminegiroux11 (All reviews)
This is based on my opinion, I won’t be including much detail about specifics that happen in the show.

Overall: 10/10

Story: The comedy is amazing, I’ve watched this 3 times now and every time it makes me laugh till I’m almost crying, even though I know what happens next I still get excited when they get a point. You can’t get me to watch many shows twice let alone three times. I think that in itself gets a clap on the back.

Art: Haikyuu has one of my favorite art styles, it seems pretty simple but it is actually really fine tuned, it also matches very well with the type of plot it has, the characters also have little details that represents animals. I just enjoy small things like that.

Sound: I love the intro and outro to all the seasons of Haikyuu. Usually I skip intros to get to the good bit and to avoid spoilers but I just never want to with this show. The sounds the balls make and the voice acting is wonderful to me.

Character: I love that even though there are a large amount of characters they are able to make every single one unique in their own way. Some get more scene time than other, but even so the others aren’t forgotten and know when to come into the story at the right time. I feel for every single character “good” or “bad” in some sort of way. Very well done character development I think personally.

Enjoyment: Of course I found the show entertaining, it is my favorite, and thinking of the characters makes me want to smile. I hope season four comes out sooner rather than later.

Side note: I’m posting this as a review for all three seasons since it rings true for all three, at least for myself.