May 21, 2019
jordan_432 (All reviews)
Quick Review on Ranma 1/2
Ranma 1/2 is a manga that is hard to put in words as to why I enjoy this series so much.The reason primarily being that overall the the manga doesn't have a strong plot,very intersting characters (kinda),and it is overall not very funny. But in my saying I believe that is what truly makes this series so good .That being that it isn't try to make a deep manga in my opinion it trying to make a entertain one .It's just fun ride the whole way through and seeing the charters being caught in different elaborate scenarios is just so entertaining to sees.thats to me what really makes this series so great . Some other things I would like to mention is that I might be some what biased in that i really love gender bend and marital arts manga and many other things probably account to why i love it so much.But trying to be as objective as possible i I would give this series a (8.75) or higher