May 21, 2019
MrSpenfo (All reviews)
My scores for this anime are all over the board, and as such I feel it would be best not to breakdown why I gave each criteria the score I gave, but in place, why the criteria on each side equaled out to an overall scoring of 5, which, in my opinion, was generous.

By far, the greatest part of this anime came from the characters. While it has been quite a while since I watched Akame ga Kill, the one thing I truly enjoyed was the characters. However, this is also my greatest qualm with the story. What follows, you may regard as a spoiler, however I would like to assure this is no attempt to spoil, only to warn. My warning will be formed as a question. Do you enjoy emotionally investing yourself in characters only to watch them get killed off one after another? Though I feel it isn't necessary to mention, but your answer to this question is the answer I would give you to whether or not you should watch this show.

I should add that their deaths aren't necessarily the biggest problem, but how forced the deaths are. I state this as a writer; many stories are planned to kill off specific characters before the author has began writing the story, however, planning and writing almost never stay in perfect sync. It is because in the planning stages of a story the characters tend to be underdeveloped, and are only capable of becoming fully characterized through the discoveries a writer makes about their characters through the writing process. This is the ultimate flaw of Akame ga Kill, it was too strict to the plannings of its author, and wasn't allowed the freedom that the desires of its characters would grant it.

In college, I wrote a short story that ultimately functioned on one of the main character's death, however, upon writing it, I was not able to finish it under the plans I had for it. The simple reason is that the character would not let me kill him off in the way I had intended, which caused the story to have a different ending. I won't argue that the ending I gave the story in place of the one I had planned was the better ending, however, I will state that the ending I had planned would not work with the story I had written. Akame ga Kill is the result of someone choosing the opposite option: to procure the ending the author desired at the cost of logic and the desires of not only the story's characters, but viewers as well.