May 21, 2019
loliconism (All reviews)
This anime is disliked and dropped off by many Grisaia series fans and some of the reasons are that it isn't a continuation of the Grisaia series or doesn't contain characters from the Grisaia series like "omg where is Yuuji?, ok rate 0/10 done." which I find quite unreasonable since it is indeed quite an acceptable and can be enjoyable to watch.

Ok, from what i understand, at Mihama Private academy a school for assassins has new 4 students, a class president, a homeroom teacher and a principle where they are assigned a proper mission to assassinate or capture a target which is different from the other Grisaias as they kill people to solve a problem or to save someone. However both of the shows also contains some similarities such as the epic fighting scenes and how there is still a sniper.

Also, I wouldn't think that this isn't a continuation of the Grisaia series because I think this is happenning while Yuuji is having his harem time on the island shown at the end of Grisaia no rakuen right? And lets be honest, even if the Grisaia series continues with the same character the whole story would just entirely be about harem and ecchi stuffs anyways so I think starting off with a new set of character can be a good choice as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it is wrong to dislike this show because I don't think it is the best show as well, I'm just saying that if you dislike this show you should have a better reason than disliking because your favourite set of characters is no longer in the show.

This concludes my review of the show "Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation", Thank you for reading