May 20, 2019
Rabb2t (All reviews)
An inspirational story bigger than the universe. What this show brings is a heartwarming journey of a lifetime just waiting to be unfolded as it goes on.

Story: A Place Further than the Universe utilizes the main goal that the characters ultimately strive to meet throughout the entire story, with seemingly no subplots to distract you. In some cases, this would be a bad idea, but here it is used in a way that allows for rich character development allowing for the story to develop in its own way as well. From the start, the show gives you an idea of what the characters want to change about themselves or their lives, and the experiences that they undergo allow for this development to occur. I would say that the story accompanies the characters, and not the other way around. That being said, the story itself presents itself in a way that allows for a complete and fulfilling journey of "I told you so", even to the last scene in the last episode. The events that occur show the growth of the 4 girls' friendships and the bonds between not just them and the crew, but to Antarctica itself. With an overall message showcasing that taking the first step is the most important part of a journey, the show gives us one of the best examples of such.

Art: Stylistically, the art accompanies the scenery in the show. Characters don't blend into detailed backgrounds, and everything seems to pop out with how much detail is put into not only characters/backgrounds but animation in true Madhouse style. Even looking at expressions is detailed, from the smug smiles to the crying. You even see light refraction on tears, making the most impact out of the art.

Sound: The soundtrack features light orchestration that helps accompany the scenes. You won't be able to put them to mind just by initial recognition alone, but there is emotion in every piece that can be felt with the dynamic contrasts found in the songs. They also make for amazing background song choices. The opening is a blast and gives you the feeling of adventure, but in a different way than something like the Made in Abyss opening. The ending gives you a feeling that the episode is wrapped up, and packs it up neatly. Other than that, the voice acting is as always, done well. Characters that may feel a bit annoying are like that for a reason.

Character: The character development in this show is seen throughout the entire run, and each character gets enough development that you not only are fulfilled, but you can clearly see the change evenly in everyone. In the beginning, the girls are stuck with the want to foster change in some way, whether that be by taking the initiative, finding new friends, making amends with the departed, or just wanting a change in their life. These all come into play and all give you a sense that the characters are there for a reason, and not just because they wanted to add them. You can really tell that there is actual development with how the characters act in the beginning, even compared to the middle. As events unfold and realizations blossom, changes in the views of lives that the characters have are seen. this is especially seen in Kimari, whose change is immediate right before the crew leaves for Antarctica all the way to Shirase's arc, seen near and at the end of the show. Even still, Kimari is seen becoming a better person than she already is even as her arc is over. Overall, the development in this show is the driving force behind the experience, and is able to support itself due to how well the characters are depicted.

Enjoyment: A trip from start to finish, this show was really enjoyable in a way that was genuine and unique. Every moment had a purpose, and by the end, you're left wondering if there'll be anything else. A film, a new season, maybe an OVA. It's a short story, but one complex enough with great attention to detail.

Overall: The show overall encompassed everything that I wanted in the show and more, and the only drawback is that we have yet to find out if there'll be a continuation. I highly recommend A Place Further than the Universe, as it is one of those rare shows that you can watch at any age and still have an experience of a lifetime.