May 20, 2019
ABDoesThings (All reviews)
Is it really as good as it seems like?

Well, if you've stuck around this long with Attack on Titan, you are bound to love this season. Let me tell you why.

Story - 10/10

Basically this season is exactly like Haikyuu Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa. It's basically the endgame of Attack on Titan. All of us who are going into this season know what's at stake and what's the ultimate prize. Simple as that. The scouts are going back to Shinganshina and they are thwarted by the enemy titans in a brutal deadly battle of both intelligence and power.

Simple storyline, outstanding execution.

Art - 9/10

Honestly the animation is just pure amazing. Quality has jumped up in my opinion and everything looks nicer than before. The only reason I'm not giving this a ten is because of the CGI colossal titan which looks pretty bad at times.

Sound - 10/10

Soundtrack is absolutely amazing, the music just elevates the show to a whole new level and returns with season 1 level of epic except on an even greater level. We have quite a few new tracks and I'm generally impressed with the outstanding themes Sawano has given up this season

Character - 10/10

Ever since season 1, the characters where they are now and where they were, it's a hell and heaven difference. The main highlight has to be Eren Jaeger whom if you pay attention to has changed quite a bit and actually listens to other people for a change. The developments have been subtle throughout the past seasons and they've finally culminated in this season of Attack on Titan.

Enjoyment - 10/10

Anyone who has stuck with Attack on Titan this long is bound to enjoy this show. Not just enjoy it, cherish it. It's truly an amazing piece of story telling and animation. I personally am enjoying it to its fullest and is by far the best season of anime I've ever seen.

Overall - 10/10

I have no words to describe this. Honestly I have no words for constructive criticism. In my reviews I like to critical and constructive with my thoughts. I can't with this season. It's just that amazing. Only thing bad about this entire season has been the CGI colossal titan which is just completely overshadowed by the outstanding story line and tension.

No words really.