May 19, 2019
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)
Kawaii + Masculinity Girlfriend / School Romance

*Warning: This manga might cause diabetes

If you are searching for a heroine that possesses the characteristics of both kawaii and cool. DO NOT HESITATE TO START READING THIS MANGA NOW!

Story: 6 (normal school romance story :D but it usually features moments when female MC shows her yandere side and male MC's sweet and thoughtful side)
Art: 8 (still need some consistency, but the female emotions are fucking on point!! I LOVE the female MC)
Character: 9.5 (LOVE the female MC setup, basically the essence of the manga, slight yandere alert!)
Enjoyment: 10 (addicted to the fierce emotion shown by the female MC, literally hope to get whipped by her if possible... oof..., will click on this manga if updated)
Overall: 8 (still pretty new, but the female MC setup is a huge plus and creative, a new stock (manga) worth to invest in! I definitely won't be surprised that this female MC will be a huge hit if she appears in Yuri manga)

If you "secretly" desire or hope to be "dominated" by a macho female, this is a fantastic manga for you :P

Honestly, I don't mind having this kind of girlfriend. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)