May 19, 2019
JustaMAL (All reviews)
Non Non Biyori falls squarely into SOL moe cgdct territory but makes up for all of the generic tropes that come with that by setting itself in the countryside; effectively changing the characters, their interactions, and general way of life to make a unique experience that stands out in the SOL genre.

Non Non Biyori Reapeat is, above all else, an improvement on literally everything the first season did.

Repeat can be watched standalone, but I elected (and preferred) to watch the first season to get a feel for the show.

Repeat brings back the full cast of characters from the first season and quite literally repeats that initial year of Hotaru's introduction to the rural utopia of Asahigaoka at different points. Providing more fleshed out characters, more self contained stories, and a plethora of wholesome moments that I couldn't help but clutch my heartstrings and say "aww" out loud over. I absolutely love this addition to the Non Non Biyori series.

With the 3rd season of Non Non Biyori being confirmed (source: I HIGHLY recommend anyone familiar with the slice of life genre watch their fill of Non Non Biyori content before it comes out.