May 19, 2019
quirkless1 (All reviews)
Attack on Titan is the most influecial anime of the last decade!

First, let me preface this review with I'm an absolute AOT fanboy. It's my second favourite anime of all time; My favourite is FMA B. However I think the best method of pushing Attack on Titan to new heights is too hopefully be very critical.

This is definitely the most polarising part of this season (Colossal titan). But I wanna start with the positive parts first. The ODM gear animation is some of my favourite animation period. It really allows the animators to create something dynamic and thrilling, because of it's 3D style. In my opinion, it really helps to add scale to not just the surrounding, but the Titans as well. Lets not even get into the dopamine rush I get when Levi "swings by". As far as this animation goes this season, I'd say it's very much on the level of part 1 (incredible). Even tho there hasn't been as much on display. So next to the Titan side of the animation. First, Reiner and Eren's Titans both of which are better or at least on par with previous seasons. So essentially very good at minimum. As far as their fight goes I'd say it was better than any previous season Titan vs Titan fight. I think the only thing that held it back was just the pacing of it, at times movement was slowed to create a "dramatic effect". I would have been fine with this if it was only done once. That's the only criticism I have for that fight, so I excluding that I thought the fight was stunning. Now on to the "colossal fuck up". Haha, see what I did there. This CGI isn't good. Anyone that defends this Roblox's titan, just know that you're not pushing AOT up. Your anchoring it down. While it isn't as bad some people make it out to be (me). Considering AOT is by far the most substantial anime of the last decade. It should be held up to a higher standard of animation. To conclude I think the animation so far is a strong 8/10.

Plot / Charaters:
So far we haven't exactly had many touching moments with any charters, but that's for the most part, is because of the hyped nature of this arc. The most substantial character moment so far wasn't massive for me as it is featured in an ova. But with that being said the plot is nothing less than exhilarating. They really did decide to jump in head first. My eyes are literally glued to the screen, I can't take my eyes off. Personally, I love shows that build a great foundation in earlier seasons and then pick up the pace later on. Which is exactly what they've done so far. Another thing I love about this arc is the emphasis that is put on the tactical aspect. Erwin and Armin are by far the tacticians of the year. I must admit though it is nice to see Armin get that screen time. We are defiantly moving towards a big reveal. I can't wait to find out what's in that basement God dayum. To conclude so far this is one of my favorite arcs of the entire show.

Two words: Absolute Tune. 10/10

To conclude these last 4 episodes are some of the greatest anime I've ever seen. This show has already carved itself into history. So let's just hope they fixed the CGI in the upcoming episodes. If that is done, this could become one of the best seasons of anime ever to hit the screen. Overall Rating 9.5/10

Thanks for reading!!