May 19, 2019
Gamaroc (All reviews)
If you combine Alvin and the Chipmunks’ naughty trio siblings and the Peanuts series’ different classmate traits, into an anime, then you will get one of my favourite series. The show is about three Marui sisters who attend an elementary school full of classmates who are just as weird. While they get close with their teacher, they also drag him into plenty of trouble, mostly involving innuendos and misunderstandings.

The characters are a big reason why I’m into the series; they’re fun, unique, memorable and adorable. There are many characters as well as different kinds of characters, which adds more life to the world of Mitsudomoe. I very much like seeing them interact with each other, with different thoughts going through them and learning how they’re like. I especially like seeing Mitsuba and Sugisaki because they have become quite a ship. The humour is well-written and natural but will take time watching the show to see that because at first, I thought innuendos and misunderstanding were what the show mostly used for humour, but I appreciated the humour more when they moved from just that approach and amused with other kinds of funny moments. Unlike some other shows I’ve seen, they don’t force funny moments out of nowhere; they seem natural and complete the characters.

The soundtrack is impressively high-quality; there are different kinds of styles and moods for their music and I think they’re attractive and complement the show.

This is a wonderful show that I will watch again many times to be put in a good mood, because it is a crazy show, yet pretty relaxing to watch. I really want it to go on, because judging from this and the manga release dates, there’s still plenty more material to adapt. This is one unique and memorable show, and I recommend this to people who are interested in seeing a school life full of crazy students.