May 19, 2019
war0blade (All reviews)
Story - 6
Expect a lot of filler. Romcoms aren't really known for progressing the main story. In a way I guess you can say the filler is the story. If you don't like it then don't watch.

Art - 5
Art is a step down from the manga, which is to be expected since you can't compare animating several still frames to drawing a few pages, quality drop is to be expected, but it's really evident in this series. It looks and feels generic. Nothing stands out.

Sound - 4
Generic, I feel like I've already heard it before despite never hearing it. It sounds like any other soundtrack you'd hear in a romcom/slice of life.

Character - 5
Characters are underdeveloped, and it's mostly because of how bad the art is. There's not enough key distinction between the designs which I really enjoyed in the manga. Ogata was short and a bit chubbier, and Kirisu sensei was MUCH THICKER! Here the characters all look the same physically, only their hair color is what stands out the most between designs.

Enjoyment - 5
I don't enjoy watching this, but it's bearable.

Overall - 5
They really butchered this adaptation. It feels really generic. It doesn't have the impact I expected it to have from the source.