May 18, 2019
Dantroy (All reviews)
This is a show with a lot of problems.

Why ufotable decided to pick this up instead of, like, getting One punch man instead of JC Staff, or adapting Berserk decently is beyond me.

Now hear me out, this ain't a bad show. The art and animation is out of this world, when there's not a CG Tanjiro in the center of the shot, for whatever reason. The action scenes look amazing, the sound design is amazing, and the score is amazing. The character designs are great, and the voice acting is on point.

In other words, all the work done by ufotable is top tier (Except the CGI main character like why would you even do that...).

But the original material is, most likely, sub-par. I have not read it, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but the constant over-explaining of everything is just painful to watch, and unlikely to have been added by the animation studio. There are really strong moments in the show, but only when it doesn't go out of it's way to give you every bit of information chewed up even though you already know it because you have a pair of working eyes.

I am mostly annoyed at this because of the incredible amount of potential the show loses by doing this. Don't treat your audience as idiots please. I know this is a shonen but you also have explicit decapitations happening in every episode so the target audience is probably over 12 years old.

I'll keep watching, in hopes that the show will stop the "WHEN I LOOKED AGAIN, I HAD CUT THE ROCK" right after you see that he just cut the rock, or "OOOH YOU HAVE A FOX MASK? HAHA YOU MUST BE THE OLD DUDE'S DISCIPLE. SEE, I HAVE EATEN ALL THE PREVIOUS ONES THAT HAVE COME HERE. I KNEW THEY WERE HIS DISCIPLES BECAUSE OF THEIR FOX MASKS. AND NOW I'M GONNA EAT YOU, BECAUSE I HAVE A VENDETTA AGAINST THE OLD DUDE. THE LAST ONES THAT CAME WERE A BOY AND A GIRL (Proceeds to physically describe them even though we already guessed who they were, that this guy ate them, and the show spelled out that they were SUPER DEAD ALREADY!). THE BOY TRIED TO CUT MY NECK, BUT IT WAS TOO HARD. OH YOU'RE ATTACKING MY NECK? NO PROB, IT'S TOO HARD. OH, YOU CUT IT. SHIT."

You see my problem with this? Every action scene is like this, and it's exasperating.

Anyways, I know that I am a picky one with this particular issue, and most people are finding the show very enjoyable. But to me, this one mistake is running so deep in the show that it makes it impossible for me to enjoy it properly, and that's a goddamn shame.