May 17, 2019
Bronos23 (All reviews)

"Sport is the way of life"

Run With The Wind embodies, to the core every word of this sentence, and is truly,in my opinion, a premier example of what, not only sports,but every anime should be about.

Inspirational message that runs throughout this whole show makes it all the more captivating and relatable to, not only all of us who have been very good or bad in sports, but to every person in general,because the life lessons that it teaches many of you can't even be taught in real life.

Friendship, connecting with people, sacrifice, purest emotions withing you, questioning what are we actually "running" for,pushing forward beyond your limits, leaving everything on the line and having no regrets, are some of the lessons Run with the Wind teaches us and gives us a proper time for soul searching.

As of now,this amazing show has been watched by 32k people on MAL,which is kind of sad because it can honestly help people.

**To all of you who are maybe reading this review, thinking "Oh man it's not as popular" or "Sports anime is not often good and this is about running" etc. i sincerely reccomend watching this through the end, YOU WON'T DISSAPOINTED!**

And to all Chikuseisou residents,from the bottom of my heart...thank you!