May 17, 2019
mafd12 (All reviews)
English isn't my native language, so you may find some redaction mistakes; anyway, I'll try to do my best in this review.

- This review cointains spoilers -

Globalization, it's a strange thing: you can learn about another culture without being physically surrounded by it, you can know how a place in the other side of the world actually looks with just searching a little, you can even learn a new language without taking classes, but you can also see more clearly how the world is full of conflicts, you can see how the countries damage their economies in a endless cycle, you can see how an anthem that was the pride of a nation now it's a meme (and don't get me wrong, I love this meme), and a looooong etcetera in both sides; it's good and bad at the same time, in other words, it's a tool which its results will depend exclusively in the one who use it.
Why I mention all this? Because I remember a friend who told me: "This isn't anime, this feel too much western, it should be broadcasted in somewhere like Cartoon Network", and although I still think he's exaggerating, he has a good point: this is done by a japanese studio, by japanese animators under the leadership of a japanese director which has a whole team of japanese people behind him (yes, there are also some no japanese in the staff), but it feels different, it has another essence, that's pretty clear, but it still has the elements that compose this medium mixed with others it purposes, and it works, or well, at least for me.

Carole & Tuesday tells the story of a pair of girls: Tuesday which comes form a rich family and has everything she needs, everything but one thing, a passion, moved for the search of this passion, she escapes from her house to the city, in the other hand, there's Carole, who is a normal girl with some economic problems, in a consistent search for works which could finance her musical aspirations; in a fast but casual encounter, these two girls find that together they could accomplish their goals and then decide to create a duo, now they follow a path in order to fulfill their dreams. That's basically the story... of the episode one, it's surprising how fast the things were established, but it was well done, not too fast for missing important things but enough to move directly to the show's focus: the music.
The world setting is interesting, we are actually in Mars and mankind has been there around five decades, the technological advance has been huge and now practically everything is done by IAs, it's a wonderful setting but it hasn't been explored enough, we know just the basic and it's fine, this is a music show with a sci-fi background, so I understand they're no focusing on it, but it would be great if they do. Other thing about the world is that Alba City, and Mars in general (at least what we've saw), has a strong influence from American culture: graffitis, brick facades along with huge and modern crystal facades, the Brooklyn Bridge style in the bridges, carnivals, pubs... it seems that New York has been reconstructed in Mars, just more futuristic; it's a beautiful landscape that the city creates and gives a more 'universal' atmosphere, although sometimes this atmosphere it's too much "in your face", but this responses more to the plot than the setting.

The characters are likable and memorable but not too much explored, at least not yet, because we have been given some hints about their past, being Gus an retired star the clearest example, from where they can make the characters take a path of growing, in this aspect there's a lot of potential where they can move them in one or other direction, I hope this will be well exploited. One thing that got me with a big question in mind is the importance of the supporting characters, let me explain, Carole and Tuesday are the protagonists, there's Gus and Roddy which are part of their team I suppose, but we have seen a parallel story about a singer named Angela, this plotline serves very well as a tool for worldbuilding, showing her conflict between natural and made by IAs work, an interesting story with a good plot but that doesn't add too much to the story, at episode 6, Angela's story hasn't make contact with Carole and Tuesday's one, and I've wondering how and when will be that contact. Allieds? Rivals? Enemies? I'm anxious to know it.

In the technical side, Bones have done a gorgeous job with the animation, the designs are pretty good and very variant with this semi-futuristic style in the characters, stronger in some than others, the animation has a beautiful colour palette and, although the CGI is visible and there some freezed frames, it's a very good job; the work in the opening is the best by far, with a painting alike style, in the ending the work is good too but not as in the opening. The work of the seiyuus is good but I have problem with it, the show changes the voices of the characters when they begin to sing, the singers are good and the songs are attractive, but the change is very noticeable, specially in the first episodes, I got used to it but it's still distracting at times; the music, as I said, is attractive and it's well done, it's more a taste question because it has a strongly defined style, there's acoustic, there's pop, there's dubstep, there's a bit of rock and that's all, the opening and the ending are also in this range, I like it but I would understand if someone complains about it; the other music, or rather, the score is good, with a group of melodies which are captivating and a good instrumentalization, it accompanies very well the scenes and does it job effectively.

This has been a series with an interesting premise, well executed but with a huge path in front of it, with a great amount of potential that if its well exploited, it will be the born of a classic; this is one of the hidden gems of the season, good at everything but still with a great posibillity of going further on, let's hope to see how will develops it.