May 16, 2019
Skerza (All reviews)
Spoiler-Free Review!

The long-awaited sequel is here and oh boy was it good, overall the movie was action-packed and had some character development for our new characters. More importantly, we see the continuation of the saga of Tanya.

The movie explains the next involvement of characters like our new anti-protagonist Aka Mary Sue, the daughter of Anson Sioux (Aka the guy who had the fucking trench shotgun in season 1).

It takes a turn and goes ahead into the story but introduces her "upbringing" and what type of character she is. The movie also shows what we can expect from the next season(which is going to be a thing) which I'm excited about.

The quality was overall great like other films that were movie based. I was lucky to watch it in theatres and would recommend anyone to watch the movie first if that wasn't obvious then the second season due to the fact its canon.

The movie did leave me unsatisfied due to the short introduction of how are characters met but that's cause I wanted more but I can respect the hour and a half for the time to introduce the next characters and what they did to meet our current MC.

Studio NUT did a fantastic job with the new OST which was pretty impressive and the overall art of the show. Yuuki Aoi did a good job as well the new voice actors especially the VA that played Mary Sue. In between shots they did use CGI and was a bit of an eyesore in a few scenes but that was only a quick scene, easily ignorable.

Back to the new OST like I said it was good but also the action-packed scenes in the movies with that music really made me immersed. No spoilers :3

The movie was overall good and it filled that hole that wanted more of our loli "nazi". As the day of this review, it was a one day premier so it might take a while for you guys to see it but it'll be something to look forward to definitely.