May 16, 2019
SupremeLord (All reviews)
Greed Island is a divisive arc, to say the least. While I myself really liked it, I can see why. The setting is a massive departure from what we’re used to, the tone got way lighter after the dark Yorkshin Arc, and overall, even by Hunter X Hunter standards this arc stands out as an odd one. I also believe that at least part of it might have to do with the fact that for a while, the only adaptation of this arc was two series of OVAs done by Nippon Animations, done in the dawn of the digital age of Anime. So, how did it turn out? Well… I guess it could be worse.

6th Arc: Greed Island Arc (Episodes 71-78):

This OVA by itself is fighting an uphill battle. It only covers the very beginning of the Greed Island Arc, right before the actual plot gets going. It also suffers the problem that 1999’ slow pacing comes back with a vengeance. This OVA is egregiously slow paced, with it feeling more like four episodes that were forcefully dragged out into eight. It legitimately takes until episode 4 for the actual game of Greed Island to begin.

On the plus side, once the actual game begins, the plot actually begins and ends up being pretty decent. The rules are very well explained, and overall, everything is done rather well with what little they have. Yeah, the pacing is still bullcrap, but hey, you have to take the good with the bad in things like this.

In turn, this Arc is also responsible for introducing one of my favorite characters so far: Bisky! I love her so much. Not only is she a legal Loli (And when I mean legal, I mean it! She’s legitimately 57) and she serves as an effective mentor to Gon and Killua, being similar enough to Wing to realize the relationship between the two, but different enough so as to give her an identity of her own.

There’s also a subplot about the Phantom Troupe trying to find any clues for what could help Chrollo, but sadly, due to the OVA cutting off when it does, it’s never quite allowed to resolve said subplot. That’s really this OVA’s main issue: Nothing is given a proper resolution. I get why they had to do this (This was around the time Togashi started going into his infamous hiatuses) but the point still stands.


Wow! Talk about a downgrade! After the gorgeous Yorkshin Arc, this Arc just comes across as dull. See, due to the way early digital Animation worked, people were forced to work with far brighter colors than before. Now some of the best shows of this era like FMA 2003 made excellent use of this limitation and stood the test of time. Hunter X Hunter did not. It’s especially notable that even with the brighter color scheme; they still do everything and anything in their power to have said colors be as dull as possible.


Overall, while the soundtrack is still good, none of the tracks are used quite that well. The only exception to this is the Opening theme “Pray”, which is probably my favorite Opening so far. By contrast, I really didn’t care for the Ending Theme “Popcorn”.

Voice Acting:

This would end up being Gouda Hozumi’s last shot as Leorio. Overall, while I didn’t care much for his Leorio, I do wish he could’ve gone on a higher note than this. Beside him, for some reason Machi’s VA changed. Before, she was voiced by Namiki Noriko, but now she’s voiced by Umeura Takaro. Needless to say, I much prefer Namiki. That said, I did quite like Higuchi Chieko as Bisky.


Don’t get me wrong, this OVA isn’t bad. However if I could describe it in one word, it would be soulless. It’s like if the Studio didn’t really care for this Arc, so they just put a much lower effort to this as usual. We’ll see if the final OVA series is able to make up for this, but as far as this is concerned, I didn’t care much for it, but I did ultimately enjoy myself.

Final Score: 7/10