May 16, 2019
Franck_Nicolas (All reviews)
It s an anime for a perverted audience, nothing more. It s not even an hentai so what s the point. By the way i started watching it because there was no category associated with this anime so i didn t know what kind of show it would be. I m not a fan of pantie shots and ahegao faces however i think even that in this anime is wasted. Even if it was good i don t see the point of making a whole anime with that kind of forced perversion. It s not even sexy or anything since the drawing is just bland and generic.

There s a useless story, which is only used in order to make weird situations between the two main characters. I think it s suposed to be funny since the characters are drawn with exagerated emotions, almost like chibis. However it s just weird (like who would laugh about someone putting some medicine in the butt of someone else? only six years old would find it funny but this is clearly not the audience expected for this show)

Apart from that as expected for this kind of anime there s no budget so the animation and drawings are bad. And the music is inexistant

Maybe if you put your brain away you could enjoy this anime? honestly i don t know. I can t recommend it to any audience...