Sep 26, 2010
Satudo (All reviews)
Warning this review may contain spoilers. It's the first review I've ever written for this site; therefore you notice it isn't 'quite' in the site's unofficial format. Which as far as I can tell is almost a checklist of the top five scores and their final overall.

Asobi ni Iku yo!

Surprisingly; good story. It's a short story format; only three 'arcs' maybe four. All interconnected and they all had a point. They constantly fore-shadowed things that would appear in later episodes.

The echii/harem side of things... Was almost sidelined by the gun-fire and explosions. It's a fairly straight up action/adventure/sci-fi show with quite a few parodies and references.

The 'bounce' factor was 'almost' down-played. First three episodes they stared; after that Eris's mighty bust is constantly present but hardly an active focus.

It''s a very soft 'melo melo' 'pure love' sort of echii; they even make reference to this in the op. They kissed... Once. Occasionally there was an accidental infringement scene; especially in the first half. They ended up in swim suits twice; in one case pantsu was involved due to a tail hole.

I'm sorry; this was far less echii then I expected from all the descriptions and feed back. The story wasn't focused on it; it existed but as a back drop for the actual story.

The lead... Is Too Dense To Take Seriously. He also isn't unlucky enough to be considered a plot trigger. I can't even remember his name despite it being used dozens on dozens of times. He could have been anyone in that situation; I firmly believe that his only reason for being in the anime was to be the viewers 'avatar'. His personality is a blank non-descriptive hole.

For that very reason I'm grateful; for there are moments, songs, and various scenes which where the anime rose far above the general harem feel. Tora-dora had more sexual tension... Seriously. The echi is existant, it is a small part of; however it is not the entirety of this anime... Not by a long shot.

Be it the lonely spaceman, the various parodies, music, political reactions, and ect. There was far more to this show then just echi, oppai, and the harem way.

To lost adventurers, crazy cults, moon gazing, robot independence, political conspiracy, and parodies without end. Kampai!

I gave this show an 8. For excellent action, some particularly stirring pieces of sound/music, a solid story line, average voice actors, so-so echii, and because on occasion... Rare occasion. Amidst those short twelve episodes... I found a scene that could touch my soul.

I expected the occasional grin, a guffaw, to stare in awe of the bounce. I didn't expect to find serious messages buried amidst the comedy.

You can't take this show seriously; it's a light watch. However if you can enjoy the genre; then don't hesitate to watch it just because of a few negative comments. There are some things in this short little gem that are well worth checking out.

They are hidden and often to the point; much like any good comedians... There are dark/terrible truths buried beneath the humor.