May 12, 2019
jesteri (All reviews)
Spy x Family wonderfully exploits dramatic irony(when the audience knows something characters don't) to put forth a hilarious, thrilling and entertaining story. 3 Characters, a spy, a hitman, and an esper, each with their own agendas, flaws and secrets, are pushed with the common goal of needing to come together as a family. Will they ever find each other out? Will they stay together after their goals have been accomplished?

What drives this story so well, is how the characters compliment each others flaws. (the scene with the lady and the purse)
-The spy is a very strict perfectionist, who is seen struggling between the choices of doing the right thing at the cost of standing out and compromising his job, or being rationally cynical
-The hitman is less rational, and more emotional, struggling with how to keep in disguise and not stand out too much.
-The esper is lacking both rationality and managing emotions, and is the symbol of what the spy and the hitman want to protect, mirroring the spys childhood and the hitmans sacrifice for family.
Combine all three and you notice that the spy lacks connection to attachment, the hitman lacks connection to romance and people, and the esper lacks connection with caretakers, coincidentally making them perfect for each other and I can't wait to see how they develop together.

Overall great pacing, superb art, cross cutting characters, 10/10, READ IT NOW! YOU'RE MISSING OUT