May 11, 2019
Deaomos (All reviews)
I don't want to base this anime on the success of another anime, but it seems like that's exactly what i'm going to do. The previous season held the anime "quintessential quintuplets" , and while I wouldn't label that a masterpiece by any stretch of imagination, it held super strong qualities that set it apart from your normal stereotypical harem. Things like an deep individual story plots for the quintuplets actually making them fall in love with the MC. Also the fact that not everyone loves the MC. It was rich and a nice break from the typical harem tropes. But then this happens. One season later and we are back in that hole of garbage pumped out of Japan. The characters like the tutor because they like the tutor. That's the only way I can explain the love feeling developed for the main character. One could argue that the main character talking to the girls about their interests makes them fall in love. If I asked the author why they fell in love with the tutor, and he gave me that explanation I would lower the score even further. There is no way that talking to a girl for a hot seconded would make them fluster over you. That is the most love blind thing in the world. That is something someone who hasn't even looked at a women would think. Then once that is established in the first episode, everything (somehow) goes downhill. The rest is the classic tropes. If I went to the harem tag and hit random, I would one hundred percent be sold that i'm watching the same anime (besides the art style). That being said this story is a 1.

At first I was skeptical about the art. AND I WAS RIGHT. This is horrendous to look at. I had to call airliners to ask if I could borrow some extra barf bags. The only character design I like is the blue hair chick. Ougata looks like a tomato was taken out of "Food wars" and copy n pasted into this with animators that were intoxicated. The best example of this is in episode 5 9:12. I kid you not that I laughed. I actually laughed in real life. Most comedy shows makes me lightly exhale, but this had me laughing audibly.1

The sound is the classic gasp the cheesy piano playing in the background. It's not good but it's not the worst thing.5

The character is the next in line of the failures of this show. It's a standard nerd that has fifty women fall in love with him, the child hood friend, the blue chick (despite being my favorite) is completely devoid of any personality traits that set her apart. Nothing is interesting or engaging about any of the character. Elementary school assignments have more interesting characters than this. 1

This all leads to my final conclusion. I can some it up in one sentence. If you want to scratch your craving for harem, go ahead and shovel this into your eyes. Just know that this anime isn't going to make that harem itch satisfied. The anime just isn't good.