May 11, 2019
fitemeillreku (All reviews)
This is going to be a shorter review compared to some other ones that I've written since I didn't write this one in advance as compared to my other two reviews, so this is probably much more disorganized but nevertheless, I wanted to share my opinion on this so far.

Story - 8/10
The story starts off with our main protagonist Tanjiro, who one day finds his entire family killed, with his sister, Nezuko being turned into a demon. Some other stuff happens, which eventually leads to him becoming a part of the Demon Slayer Corps. This immediately establishes a goal, and kind of makes the goal probably somewhat predictable, but I could be wrong since I haven't read the original source material. Some typical shounen tropes happen with one such being a training arc, but to be honest nothing too out of the ordinary. There were some parts that felt boring and felt some stuff was dragged on a bit too long, and there's a time skip as well, but otherwise, it's a pretty solid plot and I'm excited where they'll go with this.

Art and Animation - 9/10
Adapted by the godly people at studio ufotable, I had high expectations on their artwork, and well, they delivered. The animation is crisp, clean, and fight scenes never fail to get me hyped, even if there is sometimes a bit too much talking. One thing that I absolutely love is water effects on Tanjiro's sword, they look so good, and I appreciate the visual style they're taking with this. Background art looks really nice with lots of detail put into it. 3D looks stunning, and I feel like they're one of the only studios that can really capitalize on mixing 2D and 3D animation. The only complaint that I have is that they'll have a 3D model of Tanjiro walking and it looks pretty jarring but other than that, it's great.

Sound - 10/10
The soundtrack was composed by the famous Yuki Kajira and a lesser known producer, Go Shiina, and can I just say that it sounds amazing? Each action scene that they play this soundtrack on I feel like is more memorable than the fight scene itself, yeah it's that amazing. On top of that, you have one of my personal favorite artists, LiSA, and you have a recipe for success. Both the OP and ED were sung by her, and they're also really good. If you have the time, I highly recommend you listen to the OP and ED by itself.

Character - 7/10
Tanjiro is your typical shounen protagonist, optimistic, wants to protect a lot of stuff, which normally would be a complaint, but to be honest, I can't really hate him. Along with that, his special "trait," we'll call it is also pretty unique and its executed in a great manner. Additionally, six episodes in, we're already getting some character development, as more episodes pass on, the stronger he'll eventually get. Nezuko is our other main character that has been introduced so far, and while she doesn't really get any dialogue, she's sometimes just adorable to watch, but other than that, I feel as if she's just kind of there as a plot device, but she does have her moments.

Enjoyment - 9/10
I have been enjoying this anime a lot. From the awesome visual effects to the absolutely amazing soundtrack composed by two talented people, and you have a highly enjoyable time from the beginning of the episode to the end of the episode. I'm only taking off one point because there were some moments that I personally thought were boring, and seeing that it follows a bit of the stereotypical shounen tropes kind of made me roll my eyes a bit. Still very highly enjoyable, even if this might not be for you.