May 8, 2019
hhht3x (All reviews)
There couldn't be a more average, run of the mill harem anime than this. Its fine to look at, and romantic antics ensue with the harem roster slowly filling out.

Filling the role of harem manga in shonen jump after nisekoi ended, We never learns plot seems like more than a harem, but it isn't. Main protag helping out girls of different natures. small boob smart rich girl, big boob short restaurant girl, and athletic childhood friend. (also senseii and loli doctor girl). Romcom ensues.

Except there is no comedy. The jokes are bland and overused. And even if they had a chance of cracking a chuckle, it's ruined by the god awful pacing. This show is slow. Obviously they are adapting 3 chapters an episode. The manga is a quick read with stellar panel flow so you can fly through everything. If a joke doesn't hit, your already on the next page. Problem with the anime is it needs to stay grounded. They adapted it like a standard romance show, so the comedy can't be as bouncy as something like konosuba.

There is no animation. Which is fine if my Brain had anything else to do. Absorbing new plot details, Pondering the dialogue, or taking in the artwork. But its just standard talking with standard art with no animation.
Truly dull and hard to sit through

conclusion : this is spring seasons generic harem. even the shitty isekai kenja no mago has better romance than this. If you like the story, read the manga. There is no value of this adaption besides getting more people invested in the source material.

4/10 only because there's worse this season