Sep 25, 2010
AzureHakua (All reviews)
Oh dear... Where to start with this... Well for one thing, Kaichou wa Maid-sama has frequently regarded as the star successor to the previous romance anime, Kimi ni Todoke. And I have one thing to say: Kaichou wa Maid-sama doesn't stand a chance against the far superior Kimi ni Todoke. Much of Kaichou's fanbase is probably attributed to how one person or another said it was similar to Kimi ni Todoke and continued to increase its popularity, but I would strongly disagree. Kimi ni is way better than Kaichou. Kaichou is the most stereotypical and cliched anime I have ever seen. This review will be bashed, I know it, but now let's see why it's so horrid in my opinion.

Story: 3/10
So would anyone care to tell me what the story of Kaichou is? What happened to the antagonist? Did he just up and leave? Kaichou's plot is filled with too many loopholes and missing slices to be a good story. Aside from the disappearing antagonist, there are random, pointless, and cumbersome side stories for all the characters that don't matter. For argument's sake, let's say that it's more of a comedy/slice-of-life where the story is unrelated, where is the comedy? Did I laugh? No. I didn't find a single point where I could laugh, I couldn't even find any good screenshots. The plot is basically Aizawa realizing that she loves Usui and they end of together. Are there any objections to that plot? No? Well then why did it need to be stretched out over 26 episodes? This isn't a good romance like Toradora! where there are massive plot twists and needs it. Even Kimi ni Todoke had some good love triangle moments. Also, even if it did need a lot of time for development, the development of minor characters are unneeded in a romance or a slice-of-life. If it was a good romance story, than the focus on the 2 main characters is all that is needed.

Art: 3/10
You are calling this art? Most of the art is just facial close ups with sparkling backgrounds. There is no art in this. The animators were too lazy to draw in backgrounds most of the time and left it to facial close-ups. Sparkle here, sparkle there, geez, I could doodle better backgrounds than that. What else? Most of the time in crowded places, all the other people are just gray blobs. Even for the characters that did have artistic design. I could barely tell Usui apart from the other 9001 blonde hair guys in the anime. Just cloning the same character and putting on different clothes and accessories most certainly does not need any artistic talent. It's like dress-up except no one will play it.

Sound: 4/10
Sound is probably the best thing there is in this anime. The OP was painfully annoying. I don't even remember the 1st ED probably because I hated the show, but the 2nd ED had a pretty good tune. Voices? Well I guess they were alright. Some voices hurt to listen to... BGM wasn't good or bad enough to grant me and opinion, since I barely paid attention to anything other than the annoying, overused BGM that happens at the end of every episode.

Character: 2/10
Oh my head. There are no good characters in this anime. I hate Usui with a passion that doesn't just destroy cities, but also burn all the inhabitants and open a fissure that swallows up the whole area. I hate all of his terribad clones also. Usui is such a -----. He is annoying and is obsessed, stalker with Aizawa. If I was her, I would have kicked him so hard in the nuts that they would tear off his body, and then I would call the cops for stalking. This is romance? More like stalking. Next: The 3 bakas are more or less, 3 bakas. They are useless, pointless, annoying characters that serve no purpose. The hypnotist and girly guy with him are also fillers for nothing. UxMix or whatever they are called are just more useless junk to dig into other minor and useless characters, like Aizawa’s friends. Why even bother with making a minor character romance here? And I don’t even remember what the other blonde antagonist did. They killed him off and left a gaping plot hole. Shall I go on? The other maids at the café…. What’s the point the same thing applies; filler. Aoi-chan? Only in your dreams. Although Aoi is probably the easiest character to put up with. And I haven’t said anything about Aizawa; . Tsundere? Please… SHE TAINTS THEM. She's truly a sorry and lame excuse of a Tsundere. Did I miss any characters? If I did then they are just too terrible to mention. Like Hinata for example... A random new character introduced late in the series.... Waste of effort and nothing really "Triangle" worthy even happens with him, his sole purpose existing to reveal Aizawa's pointless past.

Enjoyment: -1/10
I didn't enjoy it. Enjoyment is more of a factor of the watcher and not the anime, so there's not much to say. I found watching it a painful experience and usually just played Touhou or talked to people on the side. I just couldn't enjoy an anime with a terrible plot and horrid cast of characters. -1/10 if I could, because I didn't enjoy it, It was more like torture.

Overall: 3/10
This overall score is a 2/10 with a +1 because I am just so happy that I finished this bad anime. I considered giving this anime lower because a 3 is "Poor" in the review box, and it's definitely not poor, (better defined as "Pathetic", A score of 1) but I decided to let it go. In the end, this review will just get bashed with unhelpful marks, but I would love to try to tear down the fake fanbases that attempt to compare this with the superior Kimi ni Todoke. To compare them... Let's say Kimi ni Todoke is my foot and Kaichou wa Maid-sama is the bug I just stepped on. Although Kimi ni Todoke deserved a much better status than my foot... Kaichou is bad and that's my solid opinion. Nothing you can do to change it.

Bottom Line: Don't watch it. It will take off 10 years of your life. Kaichou is just stereotypical, cliched, and just plain dumb.