May 4, 2019
guysomeone0 (All reviews)
First of all: this anime isn't for everyone. What I mean is, this anime has a very unique way of presenting their plot that a lot of people may not like. It doesn't seem to have any actual plot line, and has a lot less action than one would think. In a sense, it's a lot like Gintama or SKET dance, where the story focuses on the MC and helping different people with their problem every episode. But what makes Magmel of the Blue stand out is that it is NOT a comedy: it is a action drama that looks at various moral and ethical problems rather than the 'go defeat this monster for me' norm.

Story 7: While this may prove to change in the later episodes, there are currently no specific plot lines. It jumps from one character to another and focuses on a specific aspect of their problem. IMO, Magmel of the Blue does it pretty successfully, albeit with a few problems.

Art 9: The opening sequence was beautifully executed, and the art really brings out the fantastical element of the new continent. Sometimes you might forget that the MC still lives in a basically modern-day city.

Sound 9: The OST brings out the right feels, nothing much else to say.

Character 6: Probably the biggest problem with the anime. Every character seems to be generic stereotypes of themselves. Hell, the monsters have more diverse personalities than the characters.

Enjoyment 8: Being a die-hard Gintama fan, it's hard for me not to enjoy it.

Overall 8: While not the best anime of the season, it's still a good show that's worth giving a shot.