May 3, 2019
Papa_Pastry (All reviews)
TL;DR - 10/10, 100% worth watching and rewatching, very enjoyable for all types of anime fans, and as an added bonus for anyone who likes Nero Claudius from the Fate Series, Senko says UmU (Different voice actor but still very cute)

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san is without a doubt one of if not the most wholesome feelgood shows that I can recall over my many years of watching anime, if you enjoyed the Manga then i highly recommend watching the adaptation as well. Senko-san is a perfect watch, or re-watch, for any level of weeb, whether you are a seasoned pro, or just starting out, it will hold your attention and make you smile, watching this anime is like having your own personal Senko to pamper you.

The pacing of the story is a little faster than in the Manga but that is to be expected with any adaptation, there is too much to fit in and needs to be placed a little sooner, however this does not detract from the value at all, sure there is no overarching plot or journey that the story has but that isn't the subject of the series, Senko-san has what it needs and it performs it well, the entire show is about Nakano being pampered and his daily life with our helpful fox Senko-san. The story and each episode is only designed to be happy and make the audience feel good, and that is exactly what happens, Senko-san is just a wholesome Slice of Life meant to make you smile.

Art and Animation wise the style is very enjoyable, it's true to the manga and fits the bubbly, happy, warm atmosphere of the show. the characters all look distinct and there aren't any fall offs or mistakes, the effects where used are all clean and interesting, and seeing the reactions and movement adds to the feel more than the manga could achieve. during the flash backs the filtering used doesn't detract from what's being watched but is still there enough to be seen and noticed, the detailing is nice and the colour palette is warm and feels fresh, the only thing i would like to see is a tiny bit more detail into the backgrounds but that is just personal preference as they do still look very nice.

Sound in this show is very well done, the effects and voice acting are perfectly placed and add so much to the general feel and atmosphere of the show that in my opinion the manga could never achieve only because of the lack of audio and animation. The VA's of the characters fit well with how they look and their personalities and overall adds a large amount to the finished product. The OP and ED are both fun and entertaining and I cant find a reason to skip either because I enjoy them too much. Effects and sound design play a HUGE role in the feel of a show and with watching Senko-san it feels like they are genuine sounds taken right from context, not someone making them in a studio. One of my favorite examples of the very exceptional voice work would be when Nakano stubbed his toe in the beginning of episode 2 my only thoughts were "I know that feeling" because of how well done the voicing was. Each line is delivered well and fits the expression/tone of the scene.

The characters in Senko-san all feel different and fresh, the art is as it was in the manga and it fits each character's personality very well, the interactions feel clean and fun and with every episode I feel like a good amount of though and time was put into how the scenes should flow and the general direction of the episode, this being credit to the manga and the very well done adaptation. Each character has their own thoughts and motivations, as well with their own likes and dislikes and they all stand out as themselves and not just as a plot device. My only gripe is that the internet makes me look at Senko and picture Holo from Spice and Wolf.

I can't take my attention off of my screen while watching, each time the opening starts my foot starts tapping and I start smiling knowing that I'm in for a good time, as i stated before, this is one of if not the best feelgood manga i have ever read, and the animation and sound only further adds to the feeling.