May 2, 2019
saiyan_junio (All reviews)
What the hell? How is the anime community not praising this anime as much as it deserves to be praised? This may literally be the single most well thought out, most original and visually impactful show of this entire year and it's getting no attention!

I'm not a biased Ikuhara fan boy; I rated Revolutionary Girl Utena a 7/10 and Mawaru Penguindrum has been sitting on my plan to watch for years, I honestly had no clue what I was going to get myself into with this anime but oh boy am I glad that I started watching this!

The story is indescribable. It's bizarre and hilarious but at the same time intelligent and intriguing. The concept is both complex and challenging to understand but at the same time, it's straight forward and essentially persona 5 but with anal. (10/10 description right?)

The characters are unpredictable and their "embarrassing secrets" just add to their 4 dimensional personalities! They all start off simplistic but even after one episode, they are built into mentally complex and peculiar people that somehow strangely connects with the viewer.

Visually impeccable. The art and animation is phenomenal and peppered with deep metaphors within every frame underneath a layer of simplicity making it a pleasure to watch for both types of viewers: viewers who want to be challenged and viewers who only care for the surface level details and visuals. The fluidity of action sequences is insane and the heavily stylised worlds adds character to the anime which makes it tower over most shows this season.

What's the more insane than anally defeating monsters as a turtle gang? Anally defeating monsters as a turtle gang while singing. It's hilarious but honestly, the music is actually great: from the police duet to the opening to the kappa gang anal song; every piece of music is excellent and fits the scene it's in.

And on top of all this: you won't be able to predict anything in this anime because honestly, I don't know if even Ikuhara himself could! Which, if you have seen over 1000 anime like I have, makes a show 10x more enjoyable to watch!

Story: 8
Art: 10
Sound: 8
Character: 8
Enjoyment: 9

(8+10+8+8+9)/5= 8.6

MAL Rating: 9/10