Apr 30, 2019
Querxes (All reviews)
🔥 4 Isekai worlds being Isekai'd into another Isekai... and they said that Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover event in history

The anime itself currently presents itself as being quite capable with a good potential to become a funny series, all the most liked characters of each show featured in this show are given a good amount of screen-time right from the first episode and in the coming episodes. In other words, they did a great job at making each viewer of the show content with what they got. It doesn't matter if all you like is Overlord because you'll still love this show with it's many situations that the overlord characters find themselves in. I think this currently is one of the strong suits of this show.

What's also important to mention is as things are panning out at the moment, each character is as their true self, they haven't needed to change the characters motives, speech nor other way that distinguishes them making it really feel like they've created an anime that has some of the most known "Isekai" characters into one show without a compromise, except for of course the animation and design.

It's very apparent they have changed the way they animated the show just by seeing a couple pictures but what's important to understand is why they did this. Looking at this show from a animators perspective it's quite obvious fully animating characters which are differently animated in each show, with different colors and shading, and even more importantly created by way different Anime studios, it would basically be impossible to really put all the characters into one anime without destroying the whole aesthetic of the anime to begin with, and to be quite honest, with the great dialogue in this show and action I'm pretty sure this really isn't needed!

☄️Story: 8/10:
Though I of course haven't seen everything this show has to offer I think I have seen enough to be able to rate it somewhat with what we currently have.
This show feels structured to say the least.. though things happen very quickly in the show things aren't too hard to understand. One difficulty that first seemed could become a problem, is that when you're basically mushing together 4 different animes into one, many people won't understand the references from the shows... Even this, they have been able to make it easy to follow for someone who is only a real fan one of these shows. This is a great +, and therefore will currently give this show a 8/10

☄️Art: 7/10
Though it's quite apparent that most of the shows focus was not on the actual art of the show, I think it compliments the show very well. It works well together to create a show where the characters kind of feel like they belong, even with their original different art style and so on.
In fact I still really like the art style, it puts characters like the mains from Overlord and Youjo Senki (both quite a bit darker types of shows) into a very different type of "colorful aesthetic look".

☄️Sound: 7/10
I don't think there's much to say here, nothing special, voice acting like in all of these shows is great.

☄️Character: 9/10
This is basically the main part of the shows, the characters. This isn't a new standalone anime in itself, it's an anime that drags multiple animes to create one which has the same charm as the other ones. As I mentioned before, the characters really stand out as being almost the exact same characters like in the original shows.
They act the same way, they talk the same way, they do the same things in similar situations and so on and so on.
Basically a show which was easy to enjoy even with it's simple artstyle.

☄️Enjoyment: 8/10
A show I myself am able to enjoy greatly, the show seems to show no signs of becoming worse after each episode, more so, the complete other way around and only really growing with it's potential.

☄️Overall: 7.8/10
I believe this show will be able to become better over time but will have to give it a 7.8/10 (or basically the score after adding all numbers from before and dividing it by 5)

Thank you for reading my review, I hope to be able to do more reviews in the near future!