Apr 30, 2019
saiyan_junio (All reviews)

Let me get this out of the way before I say anything: I never thought the original One Punch Man was this phenomenal anime that it was portrayed as being; I acknowledge that it was a decent/good show but nothing more. With that being said, this new season is a downgrade from the original in about every aspect so you can more or less see where I'm going with this review.

Great, now that I've induced the hatred of rabid OPM fans and essentially destroyed my chances of receiving any positive feedback or "helpful" votes, I'm going to be diving into why I decided to give this anime a 6/10... I know, it's shocking.

Actually, why not start with some positives first before I rip this show apart? For one, the cast of OPM is great, with the perfect balance of comedic moments, seriousness and badassery (yes, that's now a word) spread evenly between the characters! Saitama remains as one of the best and most likeable main characters in recent memory with a fantastic supporting cast beside him. One thing that I can't fault is the fantastic chemistry that is still prevalent between the cast; whether it be witty banter or heroic speeches, each interaction is a joy to watch; especially with the amazing voice work! However, don't expect to be blown away by the development each character receives or how original their personas are because quite frankly, they do all roughly fall into stereotypes although that actually favours the anime surprisingly! Another minor nit pick for now in the first couple of episode is that Garou so far is a lifeless edgelord who honestly holds nothing interesting to his name other than "Hey, I'm OP... that makes me a good character right?" Yet, I can't criticise him too much due to the fact that there is still plenty of time for him to grow on me so I will just avoid this factor for now. Now onto how the anime is mediocre at best:

Let's address the elephant in the room, JC Staff took over from Madhouse's previous season which worried the fans of the anime immensely and rightly so. JC Staff certainly isn't the first name an otaku thinks of when it comes to amazing action packed animation and so far... the animation has been ok. That's honestly the only way to describe it; it is by no means robust and clunky but lacks the finesse and passion that could be seen in the first season. Action sequences lack the emotion behind each blow that could previously be felt with animation short cuts being made in almost every altercation so far in the anime. Punches feel weightless as they don't show the impact of the blow as a means to save money which in turn makes me heavily disappointed considering the great action present in the original. These little things show that very little care and concern was put into the production and don't even get me started on the drawing quality! Genos looks like a bloody tin can walking about! Like seriously, metallic shading is not JC Staff's strong suit! But, in general, the animation is alright, it's acceptable and definitely gets bonus points for some fine jiggle physics so I guess that makes JC Staff worth something.

Another shortcoming has been the music; that opening song although not particularly bad, is trying to hard to renovate the original. It lacks the hype of the first opening and seems to ride the first song's wave rather than attempting to surpass it. Dare I say it, the opening almost sounds identical to the first! Only if the first one lacked any sort of feeling and was downgraded to about a 5/10. I guess endings are also a thing so I might as well talk a little about it... it's ok. I've been using this word a lot so far because it's the majority of this anime! Hell, even the soundtrack is sort of just fine and nothing special which is crazy since I actually quite liked all the music in the first season- I'm not saying it's anywhere near bad but I expected more in the second season.

My final point is about the plot. It's laughable. One of my biggest problems with the first and second season is how basic the story telling is. I get it, it's not the main focus of the show; the plot is used as a gimmick in OPM to show off action and comedy, however, no matter what form of entertainment it is, the story is essential especially when thinking critically and that's the one department where OPM falls terribly short and is probably the main reason why Mob Psycho is an a league of its own in comparison. I said I wasn't going to talk about it but I'm going to anyway; Garou's story so far is extremely predictable and basic! The hype for his character and story led me to believe that he was going to be special but is it just me or does everything related to him just seem like lazy character building and story telling so far? Again, it may be too early to judge but I cannot let it go! To be honest, in what is essentially the first third of the second season, no progress has been made in terms of the plot and no! Fubuki's tits won't help me forget how poor the story has been so far!

Let's end the review here; as you can probably tell by now, my enjoyment has been severely limited due to the negatives completely overshadowing this anime's positive aspects. It may still be too early to give it a complete verdict but I feel as though I need to share my opinion with the fan base. I'm not a hater at all; I honestly want what everyone wants: GOOD ANIME and this is not it. So, can we please stop fanboying and start criticising as to send a message that we won't stand for mediocrity? If we do this, I can guarantee that it will only benefit the industry and our enjoyment of anime in the future. Thank you for reading, I know it was long so I apologise, here's the verdict:

Story: 5
Art: 6
Sound: 6
Character: 8
Enjoyment: 6

(5+6+6+8+6)/5= 6.2

MAL Rating: 6/10