Apr 30, 2019
I_have_a_mal_now (All reviews)
Probably the best anime I have ever watched.

Story (10): beautiful tale of the demon Mikius Mousius trying to destroy the beautiful island in which the natives live. * spoiler ahead skip to next section to avoid* he is masterfully thwarted by legendary warlord who are brought from a book.

Art (10): truly revolutionary. It's almost impossible to see the frames individually. It flows like the waves in the ocean. only problem was that there wasn't any color but its 1934 im pretty sure color wasn't invented yet.

Sound (10): patriotic music that warms the soul truly makes me hate those capitalist Americans.

Character (10): you can see that the animators cared for the characters. each one has a distinct look with their own specialized weapon. I haven't seen better character development since Full Metal Communist(another marvelous anime)

Overall(14): I've peaked guys, ill never see a better show than this, since there is no 14 in the mal rating system (I wholeheartedly believe they should make it in cases of true brilliance like this) I will instead give it a rating of 4 as thats the important part of the number 14