Apr 29, 2019
forster82 (All reviews)
Gunjou no Magmel is without a doubt one of the most underrated animes this season. I feel like not enough people are talking about it, and that leads me to writing this review.
After reading the synopsis and looking at the front cover art for this anime, led me to having some quite low expectations, but boy I was wrong. After watching the first episode, my impressions for this anime changed immediatley and to be fair, it reminded me a lot of "Made in Abyss" (my favorite anime of all times) except this time with an OP MC.
The story for this anime is pretty solid (even though it may get repetitive). I personally am a huge fan of mysterious worlds filled with potential to explore, and I believe that this is the main feature that got me hooked on this anime in the first place. I also enjoy the "dark" aspect of this show, which just adds an extra enjoyment level to the show.
The art and sound is also pretty good. I really enjoyed the opening art style and I loved the ending song even more. Sadly, I don't believe the OST is as "remarkable" or "good" as all the other animes out there, but that is one of the only negatives that I could spot in this anime.
The characters in Gunjou no Magmel are also all quite unique and filled with mysteries of their own, and this is something I'm really eager to uncover.
Overall, I'm giving this anime a solid 7/10 <3