Apr 29, 2019
Rezolut1on (All reviews)
One of the worst manga's to exist in the universe.

I will start off by saying that my expectations were low 7.20 rating ? yeah its gonna be bad I knew but I thought that it can't be that bad right ? its not like the rating is lower than 7 but bullshit this abnormal piece of shit deserves rating lower than 5. Sometimes even when the story is messed up you seem to like the character or want them to succeed or be happy. I didn't feel like that for even one character here. Everybody sucked.

Also if you want to finish it you have to stop around 106 cause the translators stopeed translating it. So yeah even they felt like this manga was shit. You can always read the raw cause there isn't much difference cause the writing of dialogues are really bad.

So stay away please save your time read some good manga like ''Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku'' becaues even though they are different genre but you will love the characters there.