Apr 28, 2019
Animegrin245 (All reviews)
The main problems I have with a lot of hentai's seem to always boil down to story. Most hentai's know what sells a product in this type of medium, and it's the good stuff. Everyone knows that, and I can't blame a hentai for making art and animation their top priority. The hentai we are talking about today falls into what I specified earlier, but still manages to offer one hell of an experience for those who came for the aesthetical part of hentai. I am of course talking about "Yareruko! Densha Ecchi", let's get right into the review!

Story: 5/10.
There is no denying that this hentai has a terrible premise. For some reason (a reason which I am too lazy to research), hentai really seems to like rape on trains, which is odd as realistically that is one of the most unlikely places you could get away with that. But I'll give Yareruko! Densha Ecchi credit where credit is due, I like that they have done it so the cast are not glorified goddesses who pretend like they don't like it until the guy rams it in hard enough and they have a complete 100% change of heart. I mean yeah, there is one character that fits the whole "glorified goddesses" description but not in the way that most of these train rape hentai's do it. And I am not going to deny it I like the pacing, it's a small touch but I like how the hentai starts and ends with the same gal, adds a nice sense of development to it in characters and story that quite frankly lack it. While the premise is horse crap, the pacing and irony of it does redeem it a little bit, but not too much.

Art and Animation: 10/10.
Now this is probably one the section that will spark the most disagreements. A lot of people do dislike Yareruko! Densha Ecchi's Art because they feel it crosses the boundaries of reality due to proportions of characters and such, which ironically is the exact reason I love the art so much. Hentai is not supposed to be real, the whole point is that it is supposed to be a fantasy, and trying to trapping a fantasy into reality just doesn't make it a fantasy now does it? Now to why I like the style. The color they chose really pops if I am being honest, topped with almost everything about the girls proportion being ENLARGED. Somethings make sense like the... um you now... But others like the eyes, face and overall body just decreases the sense of realism to it which makes it work so damn well! And the Animation is just so god damn smooth and sharp. I mean it was done by "SELFISH" to give context.

Sound: 10/10.
Once again, this is a section that will get a lot of disagreements from people. But first let's talk about something we can agree on. The VAs. They all do a splendid job and really add to the character's persona of being... well um... sluts nicely. And the SFX, again they are done differently then other hentai's but that is why I think they work so well.

Character: 6/10.
Now MAL didn't bother to put these characters up so I am not going to be bothered to talk about them individually, but I will speak on a more general behalf of the cast. Now a major plus, all of them are fucking amazing in design. Like I said the proportions being destroyed to such magnitudes just makes them seem 10x more attractive. Now the downside, the personalities. On one note all of them kinda seem too one dimensional. They all literally feel like the same fucking person. The only one I kinda of like (but not really) is Akari (the purple-haired gal) because she kind of his a tiny arc over the 2-episode run of trying to confess her love for him even though she is the super shy girl. But yeah overall tho, weak cast besides from design.

Enjoyment: 9/10.
I really enjoyed Yareruko! Densha Ecchi. The Art, Animation and Sound in it were top notch. Dare I say this is one of "SELFISH"'s best work yet! The only downside that comes from this amazing style is that of the contextual side of the hentai, which it is super disappointing in when talking about story and characters.

Overall: 8/10.
Yes the hentai defiantly had major flaws with it. But if you are someone who looks more for the good stuff and doesn't give a flying fuck about things like: Story and Character, well then I have good news, this Hentai is perfect for you. And even for those of you who like a good mix I still recommend you try it, maybe you'll come out of it more pleased than you would've thought.