Apr 28, 2019
eb2 (All reviews)
I was originally going to write a review after it had finished but seeing such low ratings i decided to write one now.

Every season there is an anime that is completely underrated and gets ignored by majority of the viewers. for me Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin is that show for this season.

STORY/Charachters: 8
The story has been pretty interesting so far, i cant really think of anything too negative about it. Every episode the crew has a new challenge/Adventure to deal with, The characters alone are all pretty interesting and unique. Every new episode a new character is introduced which is equally as interesting as the rest. So far its been a perfect balance of both seriousness and comedy. The mood is pretty light and does get intense sometimes.The story isn't really that intense or serious (atleast so far) since there are lot of things we still are not aware of which i hope we learn about in the upcoming episodes, such as the back stories of each character. Seeing Arata learn more and more about his ancestor and meet old Anothers that knew Seimei is pretty interesting.

ART/Sound: 10
Both the OP and ED are nice and somewhat catchy. The BGM though, is completely in sync with every scene. Each scene is perfectly represented by the music that suits it the most. The character designs are also done pretty nicely and each character is designed to loom unique in their own way.

Overall: 9
Honestly, the show isn't bad at all. I am actually a bit surprised as to why is has such a low rating. I would say its definitely worth the watch.