Apr 27, 2019
Lecroz (All reviews)
I've read the manga up to date and therefore I can tell why this is series is worth checking out.

#STORY: 8/10
The story isn't much complicated, it's just the struggles of the characters to study which involve them get into comedic moments and find their goals along the way.

The general conception is that harem anime have bland and uninteresting characters but in this series, every character has a fixed goal and struggles towards achieving it. Each character has its own personality and the author has tried to make it as less cliché as possible.

Yes, this anime isn't done by Shaft or A-1 pictures but by a totally new studio but this doesn't mean it's got to be bad or absolutely has to have mediocre animation. I am not an animation expert, but the animation looks pretty decent and art style looks good and pretty much follows the manga.

#OVERALL: 8/10

In short, the story isn't much complicated but each character has different set of goals which he/she struggles to achieve and the romance involved isn't bland, every character has a reason to fall in love. Their past and present has been well executed in this story. If you liked Nisekoi, then this is a way better version of it.
**Also, pls. try to check out the manga, if you're interested in light hearted love comedies. Each chapter will leave you excited for more.

# And the reason why this anime has got such a low score and less popularity is that its done by a totally new studio which no one has ever heard of and because another harem series called Go-toubon with a similar concept of a guy tutoring a girl (though both the stories are totally different in their approach towards romance) aired just last season so people might think this season is a copy but the manga of this anime came 6 months before Go-toubon's so it isn't a copy.