Apr 27, 2019
GrayRealm (All reviews)
No reviews, huh.

Alright, first thing first - it is an extremely ecchi title, adults only. That's the cue for those under 18 to excuse themselves.

Alright. This work is done by the author of Seikon no Qwaser. And it has the same feitsh. That's the cue for people who didn't like seikon no qwaser to excuse themselves. Same fetish means breasts and breast sucking. I'm not sure why the hell the author is into this, but that's how it is. It'll happen. A lot.

The interesting thing is that the manga has interesting thing going in its art (it has a nice style with heavy use of black), and in the world (there's lore, and it is interesting), but "boob powerup" gets into your way, all the time. Interestingly there isn't actual sex in it, as far as I remember.


Story: 5/10: It looks like there are some interesting details about the world, like magic history, races, there are conspiracies, plots and so on, but the "boob powerup" gets in the way and detracts from both the story and art.

Art: 6/10: Surprisingly well done, and the style is heavy on use of black ink, which gives it more dynamic look. One work that is somewhat simialr was.... "Tensei shitara Dragon no Tamago datta". Except "dragon no tamago" took the style even further to the point where it was just ink with little outlines.

Character: 3/10 - eh, character? Half of heroes and heroiens are there to fill in some stereotype, and while they can be nice to look at, they are very predictable and stereotypical.

Enjoyment: 5/10 - It was a "Meh". Art was nice, story was messy, ecchi concentrated on a very specific fetish. I got bored and dropped it.

Overall: 4/10 - Proceed at your own risk. I liked the visuals, but the work would've been better if someone steered the artist and script writer away from the fetish they were so fascinated with. If you watched or read Qwaser, however, you'll have rough idea of what you're getting into.