Apr 26, 2019
Qichar (All reviews)
Delightful. That's how I would describe this anime. Before your eyes glaze over because you see the "harem" tag, you should give this one a chance. I finally figured it out.

You see, the question is not, "how could any girl fall for an MC like this?" Nope. If you're asking yourself that, you're really saying to yourself, "I'm not good-looking, super-smart, or super-talented. It's ridiculous to think a girl would fall for me, much less a gaggle of them like this stupid show has." That's just a lack of self-confidence. I have it on good authority that girls don't work that way. Yes, many of them are just as shallow and visually-oriented as men. There's no denying that. But there are also kind women, people with dreams and deep thoughts just like you. And are you trying your best in YOUR life? What is it about you that you are proud of that would attract a woman of quality? Before you go judging others, maybe you should get started on the project that is YOU.

So, let's say you're a special person who does their best almost all of the time. See, the question you should be asking yourself is, "Are there really women out there of such incredible quality that they will see what's truly special about me? Is it possible that the cliche is correct, that it's not about checklists or objective quality but rather about people being RIGHT for each other?"

Yes, absolutely. I can also speak from personal experience: Women of quality do indeed exist, even if they are not in the majority. There are women out there who value things likes perceptiveness, kindness, good humor, a sense of justice, and above all else, love for her. Only foolish women care excessively about accomplishments, wealth, or prestige.

If you're still with me after reading that raft full of idealism, then you might consider watching this show. This anime is just starting out, but so far it is very promising. Yes, it uses some of the standard cliches in romance anime. Yes, there are embarrassing scenes and silly scenarios. But it is also very cute, endearing, and likable, just like the main leads. As the MC helps each girl out in their academic struggles, we learn more about their dreams and aspirations. To me, they seem more like real people versus the standard archetypes you get in typical harem shows. Even the childhood friend has good qualities that make you want to root for her. There is something here for every kind of romance anime fan, and if you don't find something you like then you might want to check to see if your heart is still beating.


Episode 4 suddenly became both formulaic and episodic. The focus shifted slightly away from studying and more towards slice of life moments with the girls. It was a bit of a let down actually for me given the way the anime started off with such promise. Still, I enjoyed the gentle cuteness of the proceedings vs. the over-the-top stupidity / improbability in many harem anime. I'm going to wait until I've seen all the episodes before updating my scores. There is always the possibility that the in-between episodes will provide some character development before moving back to the main story points.