Apr 25, 2019
ramenpucci (All reviews)
Upon completion, I'd say the story shifts focus. In the beginning, the story is more focused on the main MC's life, which I found more relatable than the family drama of the male MC. His family literally barges into his cafe to either stir up drama intentionally or find another reason to shift our attention from the girl MC to the guy's family drama. It gets stale after a while: first issues with his older brother and then moving onto his father. Then the girl MC's father busts into the cafe out of nowhere for more family drama. I had to skim the middle part of the male MC's issue with his rich dad - seems like a plot line right out of kdrama.

In the beginning, I found the struggles the girl MC have mirrored much of my life. I am in my late twenties, similar to the MC. Her struggles are super relatable. You kinda know the two MCs will get together, except you don't know when. What I admire about the romance is that their relationship actually progresses from a friendship/mutual earned respect/trust. The two MCs don't get together immediately. They talk to each other and actually develop a friendship before that's considered. Feels more real, ya know? It's not like BAM Kare Kano style where from love confession the two MCs literally stop talking and just make out all the time.

Super relatable. Who hasn't spent the early 20s pining over younger guys only for literally their face? She is a super relatable doormat who does get better. Believe me, I thought it started off depressing because it was like seeing my life thus far: paying for a guy who ditches you for his friends and totally takes advantage of you, taking other people's workload because they asked. But then she starts developing better friendships, aside from pining for romance like a typical shoujo MC. From the friendship she develops with the various characters, she develops boundaries and learns what it means to take care of your needs I think. She realizes where her limits are and when to trust other people in her life, other than the main MC. Middle wise it got to kdrama land with drama between the male MC and his dad. Yes of course the main guy has to be from a super wealthy family who has financially separated from him: he has to work and he has chosen to work as a chef for the family cafe. I like how it shows you can still be thoughtful without money from merely the act of cooking for someone. The male MC cares for his friends from the food he cooks, not just lavishly throwing money onto the female MC. (I'm looking at you stupid kdrama fantasies!)

Pros are the characters, aside from the family members of the male MC & the girl's dad, are developed and concrete. The family members seem there just to unleash the male MC's baggage onto the world - aka the cafe... Aside from the unnecessary melodrama, I am glad the girl really grows from doormat to eventually someone who stands up for herself, even in front of her dad at the end and thinks about herself and even what she wants to eat through the help of her friends. Yes her male MC is her friend first before they get together (which hello was obvious from the very nature of this Rom-Com).