Apr 23, 2019
Erago (All reviews)
The Art of the Manga doesn't really exceed in quality all the time, but it's very good none the less. The Characters have beatiful designs and have some weight to them, but are not especially fleshed out sometimes. So far that all seems good.

The problem with this manga is mostly the story. It's hard to say without spoiling too much, but the story sometimes gets overly dramatic and cheap tricks are used to introduce more drama. As it's a story about a taboo love, it is bound to be dramatic, but this introduces bad moments into the characters lives without a deeper reason, other than increasing the drama of the story. Generally the story is not bad, but also not good. Towards the end the story feels a bit rushed and things happen quickly to introduce a final twist.

Mostly because of the last few chapters my enoyment dropped. It was still entertaining enough to get me to read it all, so it is at least 7 (or 6) overall, sice the story can still get you hooked.