Apr 22, 2019
Swordarc (All reviews)
TL;DR: A non-solid adaption on a potential story

There are three character arcs in total. Natsumi, Origami and Shido. The good news is there's not much fanservice in major character arc, but sadly the story is not delivered properly. The art and the animation is a joke, we will discuss these one by one.

Natsumi arc

I’ll cut this straight. The story focus too much on the guessing game, rather than the character itself. I have quite a bit of enjoyment with Natsumi. However, there are not much description on reasons behind this. The introduction is also pretty brief and rushed. It's quite briefly mentioned and requires more effort on it. This arc feel cliche, as it follows the stereotype DAL storytelling (Shido meets the spirit-> spirit refuses and trigger chaos -> Shido tries to rescue her -> The spirit accept and ends). At the end, Natsumi is just another DAL member. I can't really have any feelings on her sadly.

Origami arc

This is the most important part on DAL S3. It attempts to connect s3 events with previous story. I can feel the struggles and pain that Origami has to suffer and I can also have a better image on the DAL setting. Besides Origami, I can also learn more about the possible future events and the character intentions, such as Kurumi.

Most scenes are well adapted and able to cover the main ideas. What it's lacking of is the highlights on emotional events and backstory details, which cause the story not strong enough to trigger audience reactions. I appreciate the efforts on this arc, but sadly there's not much touching moment.

Shido arc

This is just a fanservice arc to please fans at the last episode. It's like an OVA, showing spirits’ love on Shido, but pretty unnecessary.

Overall Story Structure and Character development

Weak, rushed and the events are not well explained. The main characters, like Shido, have barely developed in this season, it's just trying to finish arcs in a brief way. There are no transition between arcs, it just pretend to finish events and start new events on the same timeline, so that the story can move quickly. More efforts are needed on character development and decription to convince audience.

The character interaction may fun to look at, but may only work occasionally, if it's not cliche.

Art, sound and animation

Poor frame control and rough animation. Wrecked facial drawings can be observed easily. The colour visuals look dull, plain and boring, make it unattractive to look at. Even in op and ed, the animation and art are as poor as the one in most parts of the show. Occasionally, there are some pretty cute character close-up pics, but not too much can be mentioned.

Sound effects and bgm can be noticed, but sometimes pretty unnecessary and not remarkable. Op by Sweet Arms arand ed are good to hear like the previous season.

Recommended or not?

Perhaps if you treat this as a quick checkup on afterward DAL story events, you will have better enjoyment. Don’t put too much expectations on it, treat this as a brief checkup, it might give you some interest on the series.

Story: 5/10

Character: 4/10

Art/ Animation: 3/10

Sound: 7/10

Enjoyment: 6/10

Overall: 6/10 (C)