Apr 20, 2019
cousycousy (All reviews)
The manga was cut short, but I am not sad about it if the content that does exist is any indication. This manga felt like it was made on a bet to see who could make the most cis heteronormative manga.

You already have the "girly boy turned into a girl and boyish girl turned into a boy" cliche, but the manga makes it positively offensive by having the girl turned into a boy be clearly and continually stressed by it and the manga just treating it as wacky fun. Depicting gender dysphoria as just silly comedy is one of the more annoying things about much gender TF manga, but at least most of them suggest that the characters actually want to be a different gender or pretty much outright say girls that aren't stereotypically feminine aren't as much real women as those who are.

The art is fine but everything else made me hate this manga.