Apr 19, 2019
Mike-Honcho (All reviews)
First I want to clear up that I'm not really into shoujo, not specially like or dislike it, maybe it's just that still haven't come across a title that made me come down hard for the genre and so my familiarity and knowledge of it will be somewhat lacking in various aspects.
Having said that, this is my take on "Kamisama Hajimemashita".

Getting it recomended from a friend that happened to be really enthralled with the anime I started reading the manga feeling skeptical and "surprinsingly" didn't really (appealed) to me: the characters, the pacing, the panelling, the drawings, and so on. Again, not terrible, just didn't seemed anything special but not wanting to drop it so early decided to keep on reading, at least until the the resolution of the first arc, at the time never suspected I'd end up finishing it.

So, right off the bat it seems evident that a major part of the appeal to the story was right there, Tomoe.
And I don't mean it in a aesthetic sense but in the fact that it's one of the characters that, in contrast with the rest, happens to appear less two-dimensional. You can see different sides to him, some of them maybe stereotypical yes, but it's somewhat relatable to some degree in a personal level.
For example at first he's introduced as the typical "ikemen", dominant guy, sometimes arrogant and a little possessive but as the story progresses gives you a peek of the childish nature behind those attitudes.
Sadly I don't feel that happens with the rest of the characters, even with the MC.
They go through arcs, show some personal growth but don't really show any significant faults in the first place aside some (too obvious) shortcoming.

Like i already said previously in the beginning it didn't seemed like much but then as the story unfolds I get the feeling that the pacing and narrative started to get better. There are some arcs you feel the urge to see how the matter ends up playing out, altough also there are some pretty dumb there's that too.

I had to say that at times really end up being entertaining. The art was simple and while this didn't change it's hard not to notice the change in skill in the stroke(especially in the shapes and traditional or ceremonial clothes such)along the manga.
Tthe paneling and page layering didn't felt like much but there were some scenes that conveys really well the tone of the context.