Apr 18, 2019
Oriotiar (All reviews)
It does start quite good, the premise is quite generic for a reincarnated isekai, but the revenge touch is a good idea. However everything slowly goes down hill from there. If i had to pinpoint the moment when it's start to lose in quality it would be when they join the ghoul village.
But unlike a lot of bad/mediocre LN is not that nothing made sense from the begining or that it suddenly goes stupid, it's the combinaison of an accumulation of stupid shit happening and desapointement which make that one day, one little stupid thing is too much.

But let be positif for an instant because that book is far from having no positif:
- most the characters are okay/good, they're likeable some of the enemy are interresting and even if he also is an issue the MC is cool a lot of the time.
- the power system is as a whole quite good with interesting idea
- there's some enjoyable kingdom building
- the revenge story is good even if kind of forgotten later on
- and surprisingly there's an interesting reflexion on revenge and forgiving

But that last part is also a desapointement so let switch to the bad part:
- bad worldbuilding, at first it's kinda cliché, nothing more but as the story advance it became more and more obvious that the author is bad with worldbuilding especialy when it come to handling long time period which is a problem since he use a lot of them.
- the writting is also not very good, for exemple we're regularly told how crazy the MC is (or his craziness skill level up which is the same as telling us) but it's never really show through his actions which stay logic and fair even to his enemy.
- speaking of the MC he is too op, which is not allway a problem to take similar type of setting Mushoku Tensei and The faraway paladin handle op MC very well. The problem here is that the MC's power are quickly able to do anything even when it make very little sense since his magic is suppose to be limited to Death and yet, for exemple he is able to devloped life which tie with the bad worldbuilding. Even more since he start with quite a number of limitations and is suppose to be curse in a way which prevent him from quickly becoming powerfull.
- There's a number of other little problem (bad pseudo harem, plot not really making sense at time, ...) but let's end on what's probably the biggest problem: the manicheism. A little isn’t a problem but when the serie is suppose to be a dark revenge story it's allready somewhat bad, but when it's to the point that knowing a character gender and race is all you need, to know if it's gonna be a bad guy or a good guy then it make the story boring. And obviously every good guy are perfectly good while half the bad guy are perfectly bad (that's here that you need to know the gender), and they're also bad beyond saving for no real reasons.

To conclude, it's not really good, and i wouldn't really recommande trying it since like i said it's not bad from the begining, so you might like the begining but 6 volumes later drop the serie, frustrated with the felling of having lost your time (and i speak from experience here ^^).