Apr 17, 2019
Greylifeblood (All reviews)
THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD YAOI. That is if you enjoy something with good plots. I would recommend this to many people, they just need to push through a few chapters and I feel that they'd be hooked in only a few minutes. I read a LOT of yaoi and I can say this is one of the good ones.

However, it might not be a very good one to read while in the middle of something that takes up a lot of time. the yaoi is long and requires a lot of attention to fully enjoy it.

The art might be the biggest concern that you might encounter (besides the fact that there isn't as much sex). In the begining, you may think "oh my lawd this art it hurts my eyes". Then, you suddenly get used to it, and all you want to see is more, more, and more.

The plot, yasss the plot, don't even let me get too deep into this, its AMAZING. As a person who loves to see the suffering of the character, I was thoroughly satisfied in many many ways. The plot turns out to be really complex, and often times hard to keep up with, but once you put your mind to it, it's beautiful, and it always keeps coming back tou your favorite (well my favorite) events.

The character is thoroughly thought through. His whole character, his regrets, his small joys, his backstory. ALL OF IT, it beautiful, he's awesome, and he's like one of my most ideal characters EVER. (In other words, it shows the clear reason for his actions, and you can really feel the place of the character.)

Enjoyment!? HA, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! I READ IT THROUGH AND THROUGH IN THREE DAYS, I BASICALLY DIDN'T SLEEP over and over came a NEW CLIFFHANGER. Even though I had things to do, things to work on, family to socialize with....YEET THAT NOT GONNA!!! I HAD TO KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT. every chapter was a rollercoaster, a joyride, FANTASTIC, I could BARELY hold in my enthusiasm for each chapter. (I think some people thought I was insane...but hey, it's probably true).

OVERALL, the art is a bit sad but eventually, everything else just brainwashes you. Eventually, you get absorbed into the character, nothing can stop you, you must know what happens next. The character, oh yes, he's your new precious cinnamon roll, he's weak but strong, an innocent, never maturing child that you will forever hold in your arms. I enjoyed it, and if you don't mind the suffering of the character, and in fact enjoy it, I would remind you of this manga every day.