Apr 15, 2019
ChezAle (All reviews)
Even though I really enjoyed reading this manga, I can't say many good things about it. Basically, the dynamics of the main couple, Kyoko and Izumi, is carrying all the weight. I hardly ever find any of the secondary characters interesting and the overall story is quite cliche.

Then why do I still like it? I find it refreshing. While most stereotypical high school romances focus on the "becoming a couple" through all sorts of events, this series is very down to earth. There are no love triangles, harems, a shy MC that can't confess, etc. The main couple gets together fairly early in the series, and from there on, the story is told on the "being a couple", which I can appreciate. Still, the couple doesn't really suffer much; there's no cut-throat drama, if a I were to define it.

In conclusion, I think this manga depicts a very realistic story of a high school couple by not resorting to exaggerated drama.