Apr 15, 2019
Tygranar (All reviews)
First off Boruto is not written by Kishimoto Masashi and his only involvement was the movie and as a consultant. Boruto is a fan fiction wrote by Kodachi Ukyo and Ikemoto Mikio which is very noticeable when looking at the anime and the manga because both the character style and tone along with the art style are different.

So I did have my hopes up initially for this series as a fan of Naruto but that ended with the realization 95% of the episodes are filler with no relation to the Boruto manga so they are written in a way to prevent influencing the main plot.

Now I know the manga is not very far along but these episodes just are not that good even if I try viewing them as their own stand alone series with no relation to the manga.

The manga also is not that great with the whole thing being an awkward bastard child of the Naruto series that has been dropped on its head several times.