Apr 15, 2019
Vccminimalist (All reviews)
In short: A bunch of people are butt-hurt about S2 not following the manga and wrote extremely poor, biased reviews. Another bunch of people are cursing the whole series for cramming a ton of content and backstory into unexplained scenes. Basically tons of stuff happen in RE and the gravity of each characters' backstory, situation and character growth are overlooked. This is true.

Nevertheless, I know some people actually prefer it straight to the point. Even more so that we had to wait a whole season going into new character backstory and waiting for the return of YOU-KNOW-WHO.

Tokyo Ghoul is like a home cooked meal... It might not come out perfectly but it still beats generic fast food *cough* devils line *cough* and doesn't have any filler whatsoever. People always complain about backstory and filler and when you finally give them straight up story they end up wanting more backstory and fluff.

All in all, a bunch of people are butt-hurt but it's still a great work even if it was botched up. It is still better than most anime, the ost are masterpieces and way too many people have long reviews just to slander it. If you're going to talk trash about the show, keep it short and straight to the point. Do you really think people are going to read a huge negative review filled with spoilers? Stop spoiling the anime in your reviews just because you're sour about TG not produced perfectly. We both know you still love Kaneki.