Apr 14, 2019
TheHentaiKing (All reviews)
I read the final translated release a day or two ago and finished this manga at 77 chapters. I'll remove this part when the page gets updated.

Just personal scratch.
Advised, possible spoilers.
Opinion & Informal

Art: 6/10
Fine. Anatomy and proportions checked out. Backgrounds looked about average. Not much nature showcases or environmental scenery. Interior details were a bit sparse at times but were fine for the most part. Supporting details looked alright. A few nice-looking impact panels and shots. Overall, the art was fine.

Panel Progression: 7/10
Good pacing. Feelings expressed nicely and panel design was thought out. Flair in a lot of panel cutting. Helpful amount of supporting tones in many of the panels. Dialogue content was clear and wasn't obtruding on the panel real estate.

Characters: 8/10
Such a good focus on the personal feelings of the characters and their inward battles regarding their respective life situations, their feelings for one another, how they affect each other's "real" lives, and the future of a possibility of never returning to their original bodies.

Plot & Development: 7/10
One of the most in-depth stories on "walking a mile in another's shoes," in this case, a lifetime.

Conclusion: 7/10
Different from the web-comic, well done and appreciated as I prefer happy endings.

Overall: 7/10
Since I didn't read this in one go, and I read it over the course of greater than a year, this is something that I plan on re-reading to write a more detailed review with specific examples of why I thought such and such, but overall what I can say that reading this as it came along was a good journey. This is one of the most detailed stories of empathy I've read so far. This is worth reading.