Apr 14, 2019
Jeyyhh (All reviews)
Okay, so this will be my first review. So bear with it lol

Story: 7/10
Sekirara ni Kiss is a romance manga and it's about a girl who wears a mask to hide her true self so that people will not dislike her, but after meeting a guy who instantly noticed her facade, he made her want to change herself. The story is pretty good and interesting, and somehow realistic to how some people live. Because nowadays sometimes we have to put on a mask to be accepted because we have this thought that people would not accept the real us or who we really are.
And I find it interesting too that this manga kinda teaches you to be true to yourself. Also, it makes you think about what you really want in the future.

Art: 9/10
I absolutely love the art!! It's very modern and polished. The design of the characters are very cute. I'm loving this manga even more because of the art!

characters: 6/10
The main characters Chitose and Itsuki, (I forgot their names, I only remember their surnames lol) they are interesting and they have intriguing personalities. They are still teens so it's normal for them to be very naive and selfish. At least they are trying to be a better person and giving their best to understand who they really are and what they really want.

Enjoyment: 7/10
I had fun reading it, and I'm enjoying it so far. There were many predictable and cliche scenes but this is a pretty basic romance story so that's natural.

Overall: 7/10
Yeah, 7, because I'm actually pretty strict lol. But actually though, I like the story, it's not only about romance, it also talks about how the characters achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.
It's still ongoing. But if you like shoujo, then you might wanna give it a try!