Sep 19, 2010
fullmetalherz (All reviews)
To be honest, I just finished „Bokkesan“ because I started it (and I was pretty bored). Luckily there were only 10 more chapters to go when I realized that this manga isn't quite what I had expected...


Like stated above, I wanted to quit reading right after chapter 8, because

* I expected the story to be more ''original'' and interesting. Overall the story is fine, but nothing I haven't seen anywhere before in a similar way.
The first few chapters are nice and enjoyable to read - afterwards, when I got the whole thing, the next steps seemed kind of ''forseeable'' and everything just went clichéd.
Due to the sudden cancellation of this series, the ending appears to be rushed and disappointing. But an ending that normally goes over maybe 5-6 chapters can't simply be squashed into two chapters without seeming unnatural, I guess.

Nonetheless, here, too, things like friendship, bravery, caring for each other, whatever kind of aspects are being negotiated to the reader throughout the reading, and I think these are points mangas shouldn't drop, no matter how chliché that is.

* the art is decent (even though some proportions are somewhat out of place or too big... like Sayu's chest - seemed to me like intended fanservice which didn't quite work out), I just had to get used to it.

* the characters were nice, but nothing special; the (stereotype) anti-hero, the (not always) clinging damsel in distress, the friend, the long lost brother... etcetera. Well, creating good charactes isn't easy, I know.
Considering that this manga consists of only 18 chapters, the character developement is accordingly humble.


Overall I think „Bokkesan“ is worth the reading when boredom takes over again - a continuation of this series would have been redundant, that said, the 18 existing chapters make a perfect short-story to fill time.